Cloud migration involves a very complex set of distributed activities that need to be managed crisply and at speed.

Moving to the Cloud is sound business technology. However, the complexities can be daunting. For example, do you know who is responsible for data on the cloud? According to Forrester, nearly all SaaS vendors mention explicitly in their terms and conditions that protecting data is the clients responsibility. Consider the risks of accidental deletion, rogue applications and malicious insiders.  

At Scarlett, our discovery engineers employ complex logic and data-driven analysis to rapidly map applications and infrastructure as well as to determine the right migration path and landing zone - whether that’s re-hosting, re-platforming, or re-factoring.

We help increase speed, quality, security and savings by providing a complete and integrated tool chain from discovery through planning and workload migration. Automated tools for workload migration are supplemented with extensive teams of code migration specialists to modify or re-architect applications as required.

  • Our solid vendor relationships and knowledge of third-party tools allow us to apply the right solutions and minimize risk on your behalf.
  • We understand not just the technology challenges that you face but also their implications for your finances, regulatory compliance, lines of business, and more.
  • We have proprietary tools that perform detailed top–down bottom–up scenario analyses across multiple migration scenarios to build the right business case and cloud migration strategy for your needs.
  • We know how to help solve your licensing challenges, target tech stack requirements, cloud native application needs, etc. - in short, all of the tech issues you face in migration.