"Complete IT" 

Turn your IT over to The Scarlett Group, and focus on your core business objectives. Let us free you from the day to day IT grind. We work closely with you to design a customized service plan that accommodates your particular needs and budget. This offers you the flexibility to start with the Managed IT Services that make sense for your business now, with the ability to grow as your business and needs grow. Our flexible, innovative approach allows you to focus on your core business processes while getting the most return on your IT investment. We offer 24/7/365 support.

Better, Faster, More Affordable Managed IT Services

Outsourcing IT to a (MSP), Managed Service Provider, isn't a new concept. MSP's have been around for decades. What makes Scarlett "Complete IT" different is that we not only take on your IT, we provide advice and solutions to help you grow your business and reduce risk. We are passionate about innovation and problem-solving, and we believe technology is the key to a better world. Every solution we provide is driven by experienced people who are determined to understand your business goals and align your IT infrastructure to help you achieve them.

7 Reasons to enroll in Scarlett "Complete IT "

1. We’ll save you time and money. With The Scarlett Group's "Complete IT", you get the comfort of knowing that everything that is required for your company’s technology to run properly is taken care of. We work hard to reduce downtime, increase productivity and streamline your operations. With our flexible plans and flat, fixed monthly fee, you’ll be able to accurately predict and budget for your IT maintenance costs so you can maximize your IT investments.

2. We’re proactive. Our proactive approach eliminates your day-to-day issues by taking steps to prevent issues before they happen. With "Complete IT", we monitor and manage your mission critical applications around the clock. We can detect and resolve issues before they become a problem which results in 99.999% uptime for our clients.

3. We know everything. Okay, okay – we probably don’t know everything, but we do know a lot and we’re proud to be experts in the field. Our team of certified and experienced IT support and security professionals is passionate about the industry. We love learning about new systems and helping our clients understand how to effectively use them. With "Complete IT", your business has access to a whole team of business technology experts and top-level IT talent.

4. We’ll speak your language. Within IT, there is a lot of technical jargon. Sometimes it can prevent people from effectively using software and hardware. We understand not everyone lives and breathes IT. We’ll thoroughly explain everything in simple terms. You don’t need a dictionary of IT terms to work with us. We’ll answer any questions that you have and ensure your entire team understands how to use the resources that we support.

5. 24x7x365 support is available. Need help at 2 a.m. on a Saturday? No problem. Our IT support can help ensure your technology is functioning properly at all times. We’ll always be here for you whenever you may need us.

6. Your security matters to us, a lot. We understand that company computers are often filled with highly sensitive data and information. We can help you improve your cybersecurity and set up reliable backups to safeguard your critical data. Our IT support team understands how important that information is to your business and will work hard to secure it.

7. We love our clients. For some IT support companies, a client is just another client. We love getting to know our clients and their business and helping their technological needs. Many of our clients have been with us for many years, and we truly enjoy watching their companies evolve and grow.


Frequently Asked Questions

The market is full of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). If you've already decided outsourcing IT is a good idea, we are here to show you the Scarlett difference. Bring us in for a consultation. Talk to our clients. We are confident in short order, you will understand that not all MSPs are the same.

One bad experience can taint the perception of an industry. Not all MSPs are alike. Unfortunately some MSPs don't focus on providing an excellent customer experience. At The Scarlett Group, our #1 goal is to make you happy. We keep up with the latest technologies and keep you ahead of the curve.