You wouldnโ€™t trust your legal matters to someone who didnโ€™t understandALA your needs โ€” so why trust your IT to someone who doesnโ€™t understandย your business requirements?

People hire attorneys because navigating the legal system is difficult. The intricacies of all those laws, codes, and regulations are often too much for the common person to understand. But in the legal world, ignorance is not bliss. And thatโ€™s where lawyers come in.

Does your Law Firm need IT Support?

But what about the technical requirements you and your company need to comply with? How do you keep up with a vast network of laws and mandates, all while doing your day-to-day work? Do we need to remind you of all the IT hoops you must jump through to stay in line with industry regulations, data backups, email encryption, business continuity, physical security, and government compliance?ย 

You canโ€™t risk compromising a critical case because an important email got deleted or because your firmโ€™s VPN failed. You donโ€™t have time to set up or troubleshoot your IT. You just need your IT to work! Your reputation โ€” and often the fate of your clientsโ€™ legal success โ€” rests on your ability to build strong, effective cases, which means that you as an attorney need to be able to review and share every single shard of evidence, digital or otherwise, at a momentโ€™s notice.

IT Services for Law Firms

Thatโ€™s where The Scarlett Group comes in. We understand the need for extensive, easily-accessible backups, rigorously monitored email communication, straightforward recovery and continuity plans, and workplace controls and protocols - basically, all the solutions you need to allow you to stop worrying about technology and redirect that energy toward what you do best.