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Employers must create good first impressions to their potential employees. Most workers are looking for more than just good wages. They are motivated by professional development and the company culture. To attract and retain good talent, a company must invest in the right technology. Here is the role of technology in attracting and retaining top performers.

Technology in today’s job market

Today, top job candidates are looking forward to working in companies with distinct cultures and updated technology. The right type of technology improves communication and productivity in a workplace. It also plays a huge role in the recruitment process as well as in retaining top workers particularly the generation Y or the millennial group.

Outdated technology, on the other hand, is connected to output losses in addition to being a huge turnoff for the millennials. For a company to attract the best talent and keep employees engaged, it has to match its techniques to the rapidly changing and information-driven lifestyle of today’s generation. One of the best ways to maintain updated technology in a company is by hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP). There are other technological tools that enable employers to get the right hire as shall be discussed in this article.

Advantages of partnering with an MSP

Most large staffing firms have realized the benefits of hiring MSP. An effective MSP helps companies to save time and expenses while improving customer satisfaction as well as boosting staff management. Here are a few ways MSP can optimize the efficiency of your staff.

1. Saving time

A committed MSP is your best teammate when it comes to making the right staffing decisions to improve the results. You will be working together not only to fill the available positions but also to implement relevant staffing strategies. From job posting to onboarding and orientation, an MSP ensures that the contingent staff is the best fit.

As such, the service takes care of the time-consuming staffing processes so you can concentrate on other important things like dealing with clients and taking stocks. You, therefore, don’t need to worry about job postings, searching through resumes, the interviewing process, and onboarding.

2. Elevating your brand

Industries are moving towards consumer-oriented models. Power is not only focused on employers but job candidates and customers as well. This competitive market requires value addition to the clients as well as employee engagement. An MSP is more than a great staffing agency. It can improve your brand in ways you’ve never imagined. Here are ways MSP improves your brand:

  • Enhancement of your hiring strategies for permanent and contingent employees
  • Keeps your company on the cutting edge of recruiting trends
  • Redefining the recruitment strategies
  • Boosting your company’s staffing reputation
  • Catering for candidate experience

3. Customer Satisfaction

The overall wellness of an organization depends on customer satisfaction. Client feedback determines your reputation so you might want to work first on how to improve client experience. Your company must remain vigilant in addressing the expectations of consumers. It is also important to identify the right customer engagement strategies.

By partnering with MSP, you will always have the right staff size thereby improve customer experience.

Ways to use technology for employee retention and human resource development

Millenials are becoming the biggest part of today’s workforce. Your company must adopt innovative technology to retain the Y generation personnel. Employee retention allows your organization to grow because it facilitates the best environment for developing skills and talents. Loss of employees can sneak up and create a huge damage. If this happens, you will have wasted a lot of resources in HR training and finding new talent will prove hectic.

Are you looking for the best employee retention strategies to make a difference in the current workplace? Here is how...

Use social media

Social media can help your organization to attract great talents. On your company website, ensure that your social media handles are included. Before employees apply for jobs, they normally check an organization’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. This is because they want to know if they fit your organization.

Make sure that your social pages are updated and well-managed. If they are non-existent, you will have low chances of attracting top-notch candidates. Job hunters in the modern workforce use their mobile devices to search and apply for jobs. That is why your websites need to be mobile-friendly to attract and engage more talent.

Apply Learning Management System (LMS)

To onboard new recruits, your HR team needs the right apps to automate the process. An effective LMS reduces staff turnover and increases workers engagement, allowing new hires to attain maximum productivity in less time. You don’t need an entire year to get your new employees reach peak productivity. The right onboarding program will deliver results sooner than you expect. Moreover, how your organization brings new hires on board speaks a lot about your culture.

Make sure that there is an ongoing employee training as a crucial aspect of professional development. Fortunately, the LMS can be customized to the exact needs of your business. This makes employee training more exciting and helpful as they will feel more challenged and engaged. Before you choose an LMS, ensure that its technology is relevant, updated, easy to use, accessible, intuitive, mobile-friendly, and flexible.

Introduce Remote Working and Flexible Hours

Sometimes, working out of the office is a great inspiration. Alternatively, you can change the working hours of the employees to cater for life demands. Thanks to the internet, people can work flexibly from any place. But you still need to monitor your employees while they work offline. Effective communication and collaboration are key.

The employees need to feel that their input is valued and that they are still a part of the big team. Flexible working hours not only keep employees happy but also open a great talent pool you can explore. This is an innovative strategy that diversifies your workplace and improves collaboration among co-workers.

Using technology in employee retention and recruitment is all about increasing the efficiency and opening communicative environment for the workforce and HR officers too. These days, employees want to work in environments that provide the necessary tools and information for career development. They also want to feel valued. Implementing the right technology in the HR department will boost the trajectory of your company tremendously.

With updated apps and equipment, workers can perform their tasks more effectively and at the end of the day, it is your company that has so much to gain.

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