Before you can determine your risk tolerance to Cyber-Crime, you need to recognize and analyze your IT Security vulnerabilities. Step one: a Cybersecurity Assessment by ISACA-certified auditors ensuring standards at the highest level.

As you work diligently to mitigate the myriad of threats to IT security, a security assessment can provide the critical insight and data you need to develop the most effective cybersecurity strategy.

By identifying and quantifying risks, and documenting the effectiveness of existing controls, a security assessment enables you to make smarter decisions about your current technology, potential new investments and the optimal approach to enterprise risk management based on your environment and business goals.

Performing a security assessment not only requires proven methodologies but an extensive and in-depth understanding of the security space. When your IT team lacks the expertise, resources or bandwidth to manage your security assessment initiatives, the security professionals at Scarlett have the know-how and expertise to fill the gaps.

The Scarlett Cybersecurity Difference:

We believe that IT Security is a discipline, not just a technology. We have built a culture around managing cybersecurity risks. Our risk management dashboards keep executives in the loop about what risks are present and which assets are exposed. Our teams perform all necessary security operations functions using best practices so that your team can focus on your core mission. Our toolsets and technology are the best available in the marketplace and are fully managed. Our CISA-certified auditors ensure our standards are at the highest level. Protecting your organization is our top priority.

Cybersecurity Assessment Services from Scarlett will help you:

  • Understand your current risk posture as compared to leading practices and compliance requirements
  • Reconcile current controls with your appetite for risk
  • Document existing controls and security efforts
  • Identify and quantify risks to your information assets
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current defenses
  • Examine weaknesses from the perspective of the attacker
  • Align your IT risk management programs with your security and business goals
  • Identify areas of operation where the risk to your organization may be too high

We deliver an easy-to-understand, affordable, quantitative analysis with graphical representations supported by detailed, certifiable reporting.

Security Threat Heat Map


Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to Security, leading IT departments want to step away and let a second set of eyes evaluate the situation. Not only do you get peace of mind, you also spread accountability. Sometimes you're too close to the situation to fully appreciate the complexities. 

As a leading IT assessment firm, we have found that over 90% of the companies we have assessed do not have the necessary resources or certifications to protect themselves.

We have the tools to complete a single site assessment in a week. Multiple sites will require more time.  

Discovery can be done remotely. A comprehensive graphical Security Assessment is delivered in person by one of our credentialed consultants.