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Scarlett’s Shield and Insights Cybersecurity Services remove the complexity, expense, and uncertainty surrounding network security.  As one of the nation's leading IT assessment firms, our approach is different - we focus on the aspects of network security that are often overlooked.

The Scarlett Cybersecurity Difference:

We partner with the leading IT Technology providers to deliver peace of mind protection. We believe that security is a discipline, not just a technology. Our risk management dashboards keep executives in the know about what risks are present and which are exposed. Our teams preform all necessary security operational functions using best practices. Our toolsets and technology are the best available in the marketplace and are fully managed. Our CISA-certified auditors ensure our standards are at the highest level. 

Managed Ransomware Protection

Ransomware can penetrate organizations in multiple ways. Reducing the risk of infections requires more than a single product or approach.  In fact, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security both recommend that the only defense is having a robust backup and recovery method for your data.  Scarlett has helped many of our clients recover rapidly and effectively with little downtime.  Our suite of solutions include:

  • Managed Next-Gen Antivirus and Malware Protection
  • Managed Email Security and DNS Filtering
  • Next-Gen Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with Ransomware Detection 
  • Spear Phishing End-User Security Awareness Training

Managed Next-Gen Antivirus / Malware Protection

Antivirus and Malware applications only work if they are installed, the virus definitions are up to date, and the device has a recent scan. Scarlett AVM ensures that all devices are secure by completing a vigorous (behind the scenes) monthly audit of your assets. We ensure that the virus definitions are up to date using a state of the art monitoring and distribution platform. We ensure that your devices have a recent scan by administering and controlling the solution from an enterprise console. And we report on all of this monthly to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are secure. Scarlett Shield and Insights AVM Services provide an effective and accountable method for ensuring you're fully protected and up to date.  Features include:

  • Managed deployment and administration via our Next-Gen Antivirus and Malware Agent
  • Automated discovery of new devices 
  • Centrally managed signature updates and scanning scheduling 
  • Automated and manual virus removal
  • Ongoing threat analysis and gap reporting  

Managed Software Patching

The time between the discovery of an operating system or application vulnerability and the emergence of an exploit is getting shorter, sometimes only a matter of hours. This imposes pressures on IT managers to rapidly patch production systems, which directly conflicts with configuration management best practices of quality assurance testing. Many organizations are struggling to keep current with the constant release of new patches and updates, introducing security vulnerabilities into an otherwise secure network.  Additionally, IT personnel are under pressure to provide near 100% availability of key business systems. IT organizations must develop a process to ensure the availability of resources, install required security patches and not break existing systems in the process. Scarlett Shield and Insights PM allows a company to outsource the entire business process of patch management.  This is typically more efficient and yields a higher level of protection due to process and automation requirements. Features include:

  • Microsoft OS Patch Management
  • Third Party Patch Management (supported applications)
  • Firewall / UTM firmware updating
  • Automated discovery of new devices
  • Pre-deployment evaluation and testing
  • Comprehensive trending analysis and reporting

Managed Security Monitoring, Reporting and Incident Response

A flood of events cross your network hourly, but most are not threats to security. The daunting task for you is to identify the significant events that pose a security risk before a compromise occurs. Network security log monitoring and retention can also be used to improve the integrity of your information security infrastructure. Organizations need a team of security experts to review security logs and alerts 24x7 to identify any malicious activity. 

Using certified security analysts to compile and sift through voluminous network data to find threats that could disrupt your organization can provide faster in-depth analysis, cost efficiently. Our intelligence-driven technology platform provides our certified security analysts with the context needed to eliminate false positives and alert you to true threats.  Scarlett Insights and SIEM / SOC Services provide you 24/7/365 peace of mind.  Features include:

  • Fully hosted, managed and administered Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Platform
  • Managed deployment and administration via our next-gen security monitoring agents
  • Automated discovery of new critical devices
  • Ongoing rule tuning and false positive reduction
  • 24/7/365 fully staffed Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Real time cross-correlated analytics, alerting and reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

The motivation to outsource IT security is different from client to client. Reasons include:

  • Remove the accountability from the IT Department.
  • Reallocate resources for projects that meet core business objectives.
  • The cost of managing security internally can be outrageous.
  • There is a high demand for IT security professionals. Outsourcing makes sense so organizations don't have to deal with turnover.
  • Keeping up with the latest technology is a daunting task. Many prefer to spend time on more important functions that align with core business objectives.




We provide our clients with extensive reporting that clearly shows every aspect of the effectiveness of our security services. There is no mystery, giving you peace of mind.  

We can't stop your employees from making errors in judgment. The human factor is one of an organization's biggest threats. Continuing Security Awareness education is imperative.

The cost of managing IT security internally can be outrageous.  Each client has different needs. Our consultants will help you scale a solution with a fixed monthly payment you can afford.