When calculating IT Security vulnerabilities, internal assessments often don't tell the whole story.

As you work diligently to mitigate the myriad of threats to IT security, a security assessment can provide the critical insight and data you need to develop the most effective cybersecurity strategy.

By identifying and quantifying risks and documenting the effectiveness of existing controls, a security assessment enables you to make smarter decisions about your current technology, potential new investments and the optimal approach to enterprise risk management based on your environment and business goals.

Performing a security assessment not only requires proven methodologies but an extensive and in-depth understanding of the security space. When your IT team lacks the expertise, resources or bandwidth to manage your security assessment initiatives, the security professionals at Scarlett have the know-how and expertise to fill the gaps.

Security assessment services from Scarlett can help you to:

  • Understand your current risk posture as compared to leading practices and compliance requirements
  • Reconcile current controls with your appetite for risk
  • Document existing controls and security efforts
  • Identify and quantify risks to your information assets
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current defenses
  • Examine weaknesses from the perspective of the attacker
  • Align your IT risk management programs with your security and business goals
  • Identify areas of operation where the risk to your organization may be too high