Whether you are outsourcing a software project, acquiring a new company, implementing your first project in a new technology, or just need a fresh perspective on your current application code, Scarlett can provide expert insight that proves invaluable. 

Our expert reviewers are world-class technicians with the design and architecture experience to expertly review your code. We provide you with a detailed analysis of your code, including the following:

  • Software architecture assessment
  • Performance and scalability evaluation
  • Detailed list of issues including recommendations and next steps to enhance the performance and maintainability of your code

Frequently Asked Questions

Recently a client was complaining that their ERP was dragging and becoming very inefficient. Their legacy software required in-house code writing as the business grew. Our partners dug deep into the code and determined that each time a need came up, code was written in routines that effectively dragged the system to a standstill. Our suggested solution was implemented and the clients problem was resolved.