Managed Antivirus Services 

Managed Antivirus is an essential element of an IT Cybersecurity Strategy

 Our firm is led by ISACA Certified IT Professionals

 If your organization’s Antivirus is unmanaged, your cybersecurity is vulnerable. Managed Antivirus is achieved by an IT Professional, not the end user. Scarlett’s Managed Antivirus Services places the responsibility of ensuring that your antivirus is active and up to date on us rather than on your busy staff. End users are generally more interested in their tasks at hand than the company’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities. It’s not uncommon to find that an end user’s antivirus is out of date, turned off, or missing.   

Primary Benefits of Managed Antivirus Services with The Scarlett Group: 

  • Adoption: You make the investment in Antivirus with the intention of securing your organization. The Scarlett Group’s Managed Antivirus Services ensures that your employees have the most current updates and that they are active. 
  • Monitoring: The Scarlett Group’s Managed Antivirus Service monitors all appropriate devices. The monitoring and resolution is handled proactively and is non-intrusive to the end user.
  • Industry Leading Software: Our team of IT Professionals are constantly vetting Antivirus products, ensuring that we provide superior services. Not all Antivirus products are the same and their strengths and weaknesses are not always obvious.
  • Reporting: We provide monthly or quarterly reports that are accurate and transparent. These reports include trending information that shows antivirus update status, recent scans, and percentage of devices that are utilizing the product – all which demonstrate the value of your investment.
  • Consistency: Unmanaged Antivirus often leads to inconsistency. Your organization may have purchased an enterprise antivirus only to find end users are using a different program. Not all antiviruses are the same. Inconsistencies put your business at risk.

 Managed Antivirus Services is a component of The Scarlett Group’s “Complete IT” and “Managed Cybersecurity Services.”