Microsoft 365 and Teams 

Enable your users to collaborate in all new ways with Microsoft 365 and Teams

To maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly connected world, Microsoft 365 empowers your employees to work from anywhere on any device.  This solution provides your business with email, calendars, file storage, a hub for teamwork, and your favorite applications that work together to drive productivity.

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More than 330,000 companies are using O365 and Teams for collaboration.  

Still undecided?  

Here are 5 reasons to let The Scarlett Group assist you with the transition to O365 and Teams.

  • More than just another chat application: Need to share a file? Just attach it in the chat. Then call or video call your co-worker to discuss and update the file straight from Teams. Not a good time? Then schedule the meeting right from the Chat window.

  • Meetings: When you schedule a Teams meeting, you can start chatting with the attendees immediately about the agenda, share files, and keep meeting notes.  Get a list of the attendees and when they joined and left the meeting.  Recording meetings are just a click away, and the recording is stored in the same chat tab as the notes 

  • Less Email - More Productivity: Real-time communication and answers all in chat. No more waiting for someone to read your email – check presence real-time via Teams.

  • Collaborate Co-author documents in Teams – no emailing back and forth, and have one master document that everyone can update in real-time. Add comments, to-dos and chat right within the document in Team. 

  • Stay connected, anytime, anywhere: Teams on your mobile device provide you the same experience as the desktop; attend meetings, chat, and even video from the app.

​​​​​Why should your organization trust The Scarlett Group with Microsoft 365 Services? MS Solution Partner Logo

  • Experienced Staff: Our company holds certified gold partner status with Microsoft. Since the onset of our managed services, we have emphasized the importance of utilizing Microsoft's offerings to their greatest capacity. We help organizations both in the cloud and on-premise. We have the skills necessary to keep your data secure and accessible.
  • Customer-First Approach: Our engineers focus on providing the most efficient plan possible for your cloud services. We know that many businesses operate on razor-thin margins and have trouble justifying the cost of cloud projects. We have the capabilities and experience to provide a cost-benefit analysis that helps determine whether the service would benefit your organization.
  • Verified Safety: Our staff only utilizes solutions that come with verified status checks. At any time, you can rest assured that the cloud is accessible via public status indications. Whenever you need validation that your organization is safe and online, our technicians can check in the blink of an eye.

The Challenge: Your business wants to increase productivity and fully utilize Microsoft's business services.

The Solution: Talk to The Scarlett Group about Microsoft 365 and Teams.