Legal Firms

law250.jpgYou wouldn’t trust your legal matters to someone who didn’t undeALArstand your needs — so why trust your IT to someone who doesn’t understand your business requirements?

People hire attorneys because navigating the legal system is difficult. The intricacies of all those laws, codes, and regulations are often too much for the common person to understand. But in the legal world, ignorance is not bliss. And that’s where lawyers come in.

But what about the technical requirements you and your company need to comply with? How do you keep up with a vast network of laws and mandates, all while doing your day-to-day work? Do we need to remind you of all the IT hoops you must jump through to stay in line with industry regulations, data backups, email encryption, business continuity, physical security, and government compliance? 

You can’t risk compromising a critical case because an important email got deleted or because your firm’s VPN failed. You don’t have time to set up or troubleshoot your IT. You just need your IT to work! Your reputation — and often the fate of your clients’ legal success — rests on your ability to build strong, effective cases, which means that you as an attorney need to be able to review and share every single shard of evidence, digital or otherwise, at a moment’s notice.

That’s where The Scarlett Group comes in. We understand the need for extensive, easily-accessible backups, rigorously monitored email communication, straightforward recovery and continuity plans, and workplace controls and protocols - basically, all the solutions you need to allow you to stop worrying about technology and redirect that energy toward what you do best.

Medical Practices medical250.jpg

No matter your specialty or size, HIPAA takes precedence. You can't afford to skimp on IT and cybersecurity. The consequences of a HIPAA violation are compounded by excessive fines and negative publicity you can't afford.

Founded and built by IT Auditors, The Scarlett Group is your trusted IT partner. We can support you internal IT department or you can choose our "Complete IT". When you choose "Complete IT" we take the IT burden off your shoulders.

For larger practices with internal IT departments, we offer services to relieve you of routine projects. For example, we can manage your antivirus and malware. Our SIEM SOC provides the peace of mind and level of security often required for HIPAA. We also conduct Security Assessments and Compliance Readiness as well as many other services.

If you are looking to outsource your IT, be aware. IT providers often claim they can save you time and money with a "one price fits all" Managed IT Services program. The fact is, just like ball caps, one size doesn't fit all. The appeal of "one price fits all" ends abruptly when things get complicated.

Before we make any recommendation or provide any pricing, our team conducts an in-depth study of you current IT infrastructure and processes. We interview key stakeholders and do what it takes to understand what's working and what's not.

Collection Firms

collections250.jpgCollections firms face ever-changing compliance challenges. IT in this market can be a confusing, frustrating headache.  Many collections firms have learned that handing the baton to The Scarlett Group frees them to pursue their core business. To date, the majority of our collections clients have come to us through word of mouth, which is a testament to our success in this market.

Stop trying to keep up with compliance challenges. Get ahead of the game with the IT professionals that understand the complexities of your business. We understand the need for extensive, easily accessible backups, rigorously monitored email communication, straight-forward recovery and continuity plans, and workplace controls and protocols - basically, all the solutions you need to allow you to stop worrying about technology and redirect that energy toward what you do best.

Accounting Firms

accounting250.jpgThe last thing an accounting firm can afford is IT downtime at tax time. We get it and many mid to small accounting firms count on The Scarlett Group to manage their IT.

We know your client’s accounting needs are your top priority – and that’s exactly the way we feel when we sign on to serve as your IT provider.  In the accounting sector, it’s not easy to dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s.  If you’re looking for a trusted business partner that understands the financial industry and provides IT services tailor-made for your needs, The Scarlett Group is your answer!  

Technology should work for your professional services business, not against it. It should run seamlessly, reliably, and dependably. That’s why we stay abreast with current industry trends in your vertical and implement the solutions you need to do your job. We worry about IT so that you don’t have to.

Government Contractors

We know that companies like yours have battled it out with federal, state and municipal governments for years. You're used to bidding wars and price cuts. We understand how government-contracting companies like yours work and what kind of technology support you need. We know that you often have to cut through an abundance of red tape and make things happen in a moment's notice. Our technology systems will help you do this and more. We ensure that you run the most efficient operation possible, leveraging IT as a tool to increase efficiency, reduce expenses and boost productivity without having to bring on additional staff.

Our Consultants can help you with NIST. The NIST CSF was originally built to provide guidance and supplement the cybersecurity programs of enterprise that are considered part of the nation's critical infrastructure - major Defense Contractors, Energy, and Financial Sector Firms for example. However, the contents of the NIST CSF are applicable to any firm, business, and enterprise with an interest in its own cybersecurity.

Technology is one of the best investments your company will make. When you rely on the Scarlett Group as your technology consulting and solutions partner, we'll ensure you get the best return on our investment.