Brian Chancey

Brian Chancey , President | CEO | Consultant | CISA, CGEIT, CRISC

Tom Burt

Tom Burt, Executive Vice President | General Manager | Partner

Jay Fowler

Jay Fowler , Senior VIce President | Partner | Consultant | CISA, CRISC

Andrew Howell

Andrew Howell , Director of Business Development

Eric Franklin

Eric Franklin, Technical Support / Customer Service Manager

Daniel Page

Daniel Page, Cybersecurity / Analytics Manager

Sarah Howard

Sarah Howard, Project Manager, CAPM

Chip Dobson

Chip Dobson, Government, Enterprise Consultant

Tyler Chancey

Tyler Chancey, Cybersecurity Consultant | GCFA

Lori Harris

Lori Harris, Senior Analyst | Business Consultant

Bruce Rosseland

Bruce Rosseland, Senior Consultant | CISA, CRISC

Jason Clark

Jason Clark , Director of Solutions Engineering

Gage Chancey

Gage Chancey, Sales Consultant

Brian Drought

Brian Drought , Tier II Technical Specialist | Team Lead