You understand the power and importance of credentials. Our firm is led by ISACA Certified IT Professionals and we hold Type 1 SOC 2 accreditation from the AICPA. SOC

How secure is your clients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?  Consider the consequences of a data breach which include, but are not limited to, fines, lawsuits, and loss of goodwill/reputation.

Why Do Accounting and Finance Firms Need Expert IT Services?

IT support and services allow your firm to function optimally without effort from your own busy staff. The IT professionals at The Scarlett Group can prevent harmful data breaches that expose both the business and their clients to severe repercussions. We also ensure that networks and computer systems remain up to date and running smoothly. 

Due to strict ethical rules as well as the duty to safeguard confidential client information, it is imperative your firm has effective IT support in place. The Scarlett Group is knowledgeable, trained and certified to keep your business safe from cyber attacks.  

Further, our IT professionals understand the significance of downtime. We provide a proactive approach to managed IT services, including constant monitoring and management of IT systems. Our preventative measures help solve the problem before a crash - or limit the amount of downtime if one does occur. 

How Can IT Support Services Benefit an Accounting and Finance Firm? 

Top-Notch Experience, Around the Clock:
Outsourcing IT allows your firm to essentially hire an entire IT team with different specialties and expertise to solve all your technology problems. This means that regardless of the technology problem that may arise, a dedicated IT member from our reputable IT firm will be able to quickly and efficiently help. The Scarlett Group is available 24/7/365 and can tailor solutions to fit the needs of individual clients.  

Time and Cost Savings:
It may seem as though outsourcing to an IT company would be cost prohibitive for many firms, especially small or medium sized firms. However, when you consider the time it would take for an employee not trained in IT to research a problem, hopefully find a solution, and attempt to fix it, the time would be better spent running your business. Managed IT companies stay on top of the latest technology trends and cyber risks; an IT company can fix the problem in a fraction of the time, without the expense of a full time IT department. 

Builds a Competitive Advantage:
Technology is constantly changing and when it is not the focus of your organization, it becomes difficult to follow and implement the relevant changes.  Our full-service IT team can evaluate and implement new technologies and will assist in all facets of your firm’s organization. This is especially important when facing constant cyber threats; the firm quickest to adapt to technology will remain safe and thrive while others struggle to keep up. 

Increased Access and Reliability:
We understand that the job of an accountant or financial professional does not stop when you leave the office. Professional IT support services will always keep your network secure and running, on all devices, so you are able to draft briefs from home or correspond with clients while on the road.

What IT Services Can Benefit an Accounting Firm? 

Cybersecurity Assessments:
A third-party cybersecurity audit and assessment is the best business practice to ensure that cyber risks are identified and remediated. These assessments should be conducted once every two years to safeguard your firm and its clients. The Scarlett Group’s professionals will conduct personnel interviews and analyze current infrastructure to provide a thorough review of the current state and recommendations for how to proceed. 

Comprehensive IT Assessments:
IT should work to help your firm function well, not be a source of constant stress or aggravation. A comprehensive IT assessment will help you understand what is currently working for your business, and what is not working. It can help your firm streamline business processes, improve performance and cut costs.  

Office 365 Migrations and Licensing:
Migrating your email to Office 365 can be beneficial to your firm in multiple ways, especially with the assistance of a qualified Office 365 partner. This cloud-based service is a pay-as-you-go platform that will help reduce cybersecurity-related costs long term. It upgrades automatically with no effort by your staff and comes with the entire Microsoft Office Suite. 

Mobile Device Management (“MDM”):
We understand that as accountants, you are constantly on the go but cannot sacrifice connectivity to clients, documents and other important information. The Scarlett Group’s MDM services provide complete coverage across all major service providers, allowing you access to, and remote management of, every device within your firm. This assists with compliance goals and allows employees to work remotely when needed. 

Cloud Strategy Consulting and Migration:
Migrating to the cloud will help your business in many ways: it will increase speed, quality, security and savings. The IT experts at The Scarlett Group can offer your business the right cloud option for your firm at a low cost. 

Secure File Sync and Share Solutions:
With so many options on the market, it may be difficult for your team to determine which enterprise file sync and share brand to choose. The Scarlett Group’s professionals have the training and industry experience in EFSS and can simplify the process for your firm. Whether you are interested solely in a consulting relationship or a more comprehensive one, our IT firm can help save you time and money. 

24/7/365 Help Desk Support:
Technical problems have a knack for causing havoc at crunch time; for example, in the middle of the night or at some other highly inconvenient time. Our 24/7 help desk is available every day of the year to provide your firm with technical support. 

Managed Cybersecurity:
With confidential client information stored on your network and systems, it is crucial that your firm implement and maintain a strong cybersecurity plan and system. The Scarlett Group is led by ISACA Certified IT governance and risk professionals. Our managed cybersecurity will oversee your current plan, provide recommendations with a risk/cost analysis, implement an approach and train your staff. 

Complete Managed Services:
Complete IT is often a great choice for busy financial professionals. With this plan, we remove the stress of anything IT-related from your plate, handling it all.  The Scarlett Group provides limitless proactive IT support and we are available 24/7/365 to solve technical problems, both big and small. 

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity:
Our IT professionals understand that time is money and downtime can cause substantial harm and loss to an accounting firm.  Disaster recovery, which covers both cyber and natural disasters, replicates your current infrastructure onto a secondary backup infrastructure to allow for minimal downtime and seamless business continuity. 

Workflow and Process Mapping:
If you feel as though your business is not operating at its utmost capability, our professionals can discover and recommend solutions that will automate aspects of your business and implement functional improvements that improve day-to-day needs. 

Why Hire The Scarlett Group for Your Firm’s IT Needs?

Technology and cybersecurity is not just our job, it’s our passion. The Scarlett Group aims to streamline IT to meet the needs of our clients, while saving them time, money and stress. We understand that financial sector firms require additional safeguards to ensure legal and ethical compliance; the professionals that comprise our IT firm are certified IT professionals that hold themselves to the highest of standards. Our supportive and experienced team is dedicated to our clients and their success.   

We want your firm to thrive without the stress of cyber threats, outages or nightmare IT infrastructure. If you are ready for the innovative and proven IT methods developed by The Scarlett Group, contact us today to get started.

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