In today’s technology-driven world, professional IT services are a must for businesses. Technology can help support and achieve business goals. It promotes improved product development, customer communications, employee productivity, and streamlined services. Hiring a company that specializes in IT support in Jacksonville can help both small and large businesses function optimally while achieving business goals and providing superior customer service.

Managed service providers offer many technology options to businesses, as well as reduce costs. IT consultants provide guidance on the best systems for your business and enhance data security to help prevent or recover from disaster. As a business owner, it is crucial to protect both the business and its customers from a breach; a data breach could result in financial or data loss to the business, loss of goodwill, legal or compliance concerns and poor public opinion.

When a business hires The Scarlett Group, a top managed service provider, it will receive professional IT services, IT support and advice from credentialed IT experts equipped to create technology responses for new and innovative solutions for the future.

An Overview of Our IT Support Options:

  • Cybersecurity Assessment

    A cyber-attack on your business could create a disaster from several perspectives, including financial, public reputation and compliance, to name a few. It is crucial to have your cybersecurity risk assessed to discover weaknesses, improve cyber threat defenses and protect your business from cybercrime. Learn more about a Cybersecurity Assessment.

  • Managed Cybersecurity

    If you compare the cost of securing your company with an in-house cybersecurity expert or team against outsourcing to The Scarlett Group, the numbers are clear. For small to mid-sized businesses, outsourcing to The Scarlett Group is the answer! There is no silver bullet when it comes to cybersecurity. A layered approach is a proven best practice. The Scarlett Group’s Managed Cybersecurity will protect your organization. We help you determine your vulnerabilities and offer scalable solutions based on your level of risk adversity. Without our expertise and support, you will likely overspend or be under-prepared. Learn more about Managed Cybersecurity.

  • Microsoft 365 Conversions and Licensing

    Converting your email to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 allows your business to not only have necessary cloud backup, but also provides your business with a full copy of Microsoft Office. Although it may appear complicated because of the multitude of options and plans, licensing becomes easier and the total cost to your business will decrease. The Scarlett Group will convert your business to Microsoft 365 efficiently, without downtime or data loss. Learn more about Microsoft 365 Conversions and Licensing.

  • Network Support

    Whether your computer network is on-premise or in the cloud, it needs to be fast and reliable. The Scarlett Group provides network management, recommendations, installation, and support for computer networks, servers hardware, and software. We are the experts in network assessment, technology optimization, and design and configuration.

  • Cloud Brokerage

    Because cloud services have become increasingly popular as a method to protect business data, it is important to have a trusted cloud services broker. At Scarlett Group, we have pre-negotiated and scalable contracts with only certain cloud providers that we believe to have the best interest of our clients at heart. Cloud brokerage allows you to focus on your business while the broker designs and builds an affordable and reliable cloud solution. Learn more about Cloud Brokerage.


    Security Incident and Event Management and Security Operations Center (SIEM SOC) services from The Scarlett Group will provide your business with real-time security alerts to decrease data breaches. The purpose of this service is to maintain a secure environment and ensure continuity of business operations, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Learn more about SIEM SOC.

  • SaaS (Security as a Service)

    Scarlett Group’s Security as a Service (SaaS) option allows business owners to integrate security services into corporate infrastructure to better protect the business from cyber threats. Our IT support offers continuous monitoring, data loss prevention, disaster recovery, email security, network security and more. Learn more about Security as a Service.

  • Internal and External Vulnerability Testing

    An internal vulnerability assessment will determine what IT-related risks your business is vulnerable to within its own firewalls, while an external vulnerability test will discover holes by which attackers can enter your firewall and attack your network. These assessments will discover the weaknesses in the networks, systems, and applications used by your business and remedy them. Learn more about Internal and External Vulnerability Testing.

  • Firewall Management

    The Scarlett Group offers firewall management services. This “around the clock” service will monitor security threats and provide firewall management to ensure that your business operations run smoothly without interference from outside cyber threats. 

  • Patch Management

    Because cybercriminals are constantly gaining intelligence and reinventing, the time between the discovery of a vulnerability and the attack has become incredibly short. Scarlett Group offers patch management services that will provide effective strategies for managing updates in software and other technologies. This service reduces system failures and improves business productivity. 

  • Managed Antivirus and Malware

    We understand it is increasingly difficult to manage your business and the security of your IT systems. The Scarlett Group will install, update, and support antivirus and malware scanners on your business' network and continuously manage the software for effectiveness and safety of your business information. 

  • Help Desk (Tier 1 through Tier 3)

    Have you been victim to a technology problem after-hours and been unable to locate an IT professional who can remedy the situation? Scarlett Group’s IT support team is available 24/7, every day of the year, to provide you with live technological support.  Learn more about Help Desk.

  • Server and Infrastructure Management

    Infrastructure management services are aimed to optimize management of an IT infrastructure across all data centers, networks and end-user computing. Our server and infrastructure management team will help your business maximize performance through increased uptime of the business’ key components. 

  • RFP Services

    With many options and limited time, it can be difficult for busy business owners to choose the correct enterprise system; many, while seemingly good, simply do not fit particular business models. The Scarlett Group can help your business evaluate enterprise systems to ensure you make the right choice for your business needs. Learn more about RFP Services.

  • Proactive Network Monitoring and Reporting

    Proactive and professional network monitoring can help your business stay ahead of threats. The IT support staff at The Scarlett Group can detect threats to your network before they strike through continuous monitoring and reporting. 

  • Disaster Recovery Plan Development

    Sometimes, despite our best efforts, disaster may strike a business via an online attack or natural disaster. When an effective Disaster Recovery Plan has been developed, your business will be able to quickly recover and resume business operations. In order to develop a proper plan, a current assessment of threats, as well as a threat impact analysis must be completed; a strategy and plan can then be developed for seamless disaster recovery. Learn more about Disaster Recovery Plan Development.

  • DRaaS

    An effective way to protect your business from the repercussions of a disaster is through cloud-based backup and recovery systems. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) allows for a rapid recovery in the event of a disaster through the use of industry-leading technology, powerful network, and secure hosting. Learn more about DRaaS.

  • IaaS

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud computing service that hosts infrastructure that is typically on-site, including servers, storage, and networking hardware. Typically, it is easier, quicker and more cost-effective than traditional data centers and provides additional services to accompany the infrastructure component. Learn more about Infrastructure as a Service.

  • Business Case Development

    A business case defines the core benefit of a project to justify the cost; the purpose is to define the benefit and sell the target audience on that benefit. The development of a business case will help a business assess the risks and benefits of an opportunity. 

  • Business Continuity

    For business owners, one of the most crucial aspects of a disaster recovery plan is business continuity: should disaster strike, is there a method in place to guarantee that your business is still operating? A main objective of our IT support services is to test and plan for disaster and improve business continuity plans. These plans will mitigate financial, legal and compliance risks for a business. Learn more about Business Continuity.

  • File Sharing

    The purpose of file sharing is to allow your business to remain secure while accessing or sharing files with third parties. Cloud-based storage and file sharing provides security against loss of data and security risks, while enabling sharing inside and outside of your organization at a lower cost. 

  • Class 5 Hurricane Colocation

    In Florida, we understand the threat that hurricanes pose to your business. It is crucial to prepare your business for the outages caused by hurricanes to ensure that your employees are safe, and data is not lost. To protect you, The Scarlett Group ensures that multiple copies of data are maintained on separate media, backups are functioning properly, and disaster recovery plans are in place. 

  • Compliance Readiness

    Is your industry regulated by a governmental or industry-specific governing body and required to be in compliance with regulations or guidelines? The development and implementation of Compliance Strategies, including IT-related policy creation and ongoing maintenance, is necessary to keep your business prepared for a successful regulatory audit. Learn more about Compliance Readiness.

Why Choose The Scarlett Group for IT Support?

If you are looking for top-notch IT support, The Scarlett Group is your answer! The Scarlett Group prides itself on providing next-level IT solutions for long term success, as well as superb customer service. Our goal is not to simply remedy a current problem, but to provide an innovative and integrative approach to your business’ IT system.  We strive to understand the business goals of each client and provide an IT infrastructure that works to accomplish those goals. 

Our passionate, educated and experienced IT support professionals are committed to the success of our clients. We offer all facets of IT support services with the goal of providing the business community with safe, efficient and visionary solutions to every IT-related need or problem. We believe in providing simplified solutions that will save valuable business resources so that business owners can focus on running their business. 

Founded by Information Technology Auditors, The Scarlett Group provides a unique perspective in the IT support industry. Contact us today to learn what The Scarlett Group can do for your business.

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