Middle-market and small organizations often struggle to convert data into actionable information. Graphic

Disparate systems and databases contain strategic information. The challenge is to harness the information in an actionable form. Implementing tools like Microsoft Power BI can be complicated when information comes from disparate systems.

Why outsource Business Intelligence and Data Analytics?

COST: Outsourcing is less costly. You pay for services when needed instead of incurring the cost of hiring, training, and maintaining a full-time analytics team. 

SPEED: Our experts can accelerate the data analysis process. We bring experience and specialized skills, allowingMicrosoft businesses to obtain insights quickly. Time-sensitive decisions can be made promptly, enhancing agility and competitiveness.

SCALABILITY: As your business fluctuates, it can scale up or down. Flexibility allows you to adapt to the changing demands without the burden of a full-time in-house team.

SKILLS: Our team of experienced professionals has expertise in various domains. You gain the benefits of knowledge and insights that might not be achievable with an in-house team.

What are the four top benefits you can expect from Data Analytics?

VISUALIZATION: Power BI provides interactive dashboards, reports, and charts to gain insights into your business performance, patterns, and trends. You can visualize your data effectively.

AGGREGATING DISPARENT DATA: Disparate systems and databases are common. Our team of experts can integrate non-Microsoft systems with Power BI to enhance agility and competitiveness with actionable data.

MICROSOFT INTEGRATION: Power BI seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Ecosystem. You can use existing tools and data sources to facilitate collaboration and share insights across your organization.

PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS: Power BI is useful for predicting future opportunities, analyzing financial performance, and gaining a 360-degree view of your clients.



Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Companies and Manufacturers find Business Analytics to be extremely helpful in managing margins, profitability, and efficiency. Many other organizations find similar benefits.

Simple Power BI applications are easy. However, it gets more complex when we get into disparate databases from non-Microsoft applications, it gets more complex. We have worked with organizations that took the DIY route for Power BI only to find they wasted resources and money with internal efforts only to outsource through Scarlett ultimately.