Technical Project Management 

A project manager is a leader who should be able to prevent, tackle, and resolve any issues without breaking the deadlines. Moreover, as a leader, they play the role of a mentor, teacher, facilitator, and problem-solver for the team. Scarlett Project Managers can:

  • Manage complex Implementation Projects
  • Set goals and milestones and verify task completion.
  • Monitor the status of projects and work with client stakeholders until project completion.

Our customers give us plenty of positive feedback on the performance of our PMs. Based on their reviews, we can outline these benefits of outsourcing project management as a part of the team:

When our team does a project, our Project managers diligently ensure everyone talks to each other properly and uses resources wisely. Finding and keeping a PM with lots of experience and skills can be complicated and expensive for small and medium businesses.

A good solution is to hire a PM from outside your company to join your team. This external PM can help better manage the team, make the work process more transparent, and ultimately save money.

  • High level of skills and experience. As they work with many customers in various industries, our PMs have diverse experience in project management, software rollouts, and technical implementation. Also, the PM team is large enough to allow a customer to find a PM with the relevant skills to deliver their project successfully. 
  • Efficient team and resource management. An outsourced PM shares the development team’s time zone, location, language, and corporate culture. Also, our PMs get to know each team member well enough to understand their strengths and weaknesses and efficiently use the team’s skills to deliver the project on time. 

On one of our projects, a customer requested hiring more internal staff to speed up the time to implementation. Instead, the PM optimized the workload of the project team and paralleled some of the existing tasks to make sure the team would be able to handle new features without incurring additional costs. In this way, the PM saved the customer’s budget while meeting the deadlines.

  • Saving the customer’s time during development. Solving small issues and managing day-to-day activities takes most of a PM’s time. When we are in charge of the project, the customer’s stakeholders and in-house technical resources or internal project managers can focus on their internal business activities. This is especially useful for companies that don’t have any internal project managers. They’d need lots of time to organize the work of an outsourced development team by themselves. 
  • Compliance with the schedule and budget. A PM’s core responsibility is ensuring the team meets the deadlines and does not overuse project resources. Good knowledge of the technical resources, efficient resource management, and fast response to issues allow our PMs to lead projects to success within the estimated time and budget.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing is generally considered more cost-effective than keeping in-house employees. For PMs, this is also valid: hiring a project manager along with an outsourced development team is less costly than recruiting and training an additional in-house PM.
  • A fresh perspective on your project. As someone from outside the project, a Scarlett PM can look at it from a different angle and assess the project impartially. Such unbiased insights are crucial for evaluating risks and making business decisions.