You need an IT Services partner with expertise and a staff of in-house experts

With the Scarlett Groups' IT Services, we will take care of all your IT needs so you can focus on running your business.

There are big differences between IT Service Providers (MSPs). Some providers outsource nearly all aspects of your IT. Others are big franchises that change your account over to multiple people over time. Some firms initially appear to have a low starting fee, but they eventually nickel and dime you.

The Scarlett Group isn't any of these things! Our firm was founded by IT specialists concerned with providing a great customer experience. Every solution we offer is inspired by knowledgeable experts who are committed to understanding your business goals and integrating your IT infrastructure to assist you reach them.

Certified expertise and experience to get the job done right.

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With our Managed IT Services, we take care of anything related to IT, so you can stop worrying and focus on running your business.

We have ISACA Certified IT Professionals at the helm of our firm.  

There are several significant distinctions between Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs). Some companies outsource almost all aspects of your service. Others are franchises that change hands frequently. Some provide a low entry price, only to nickel and dime you over time. Be wary of "one price fits all" discounts. Keep an eye out for consultants that provide IT security services as a side business. Some of the biggest box office supply stores and copier firms now provide IT services, but it is not their primary function.

As a leading managed services provider, the Scarlett Group is an independent MSP that will give you personalized attention because it's run by IT professionals who are dedicated to your satisfaction. We work in partnership with our clients, providing Jacksonville businesses with the best managed services and tech support available at affordable prices.

Our team is made up of IT experts who are committed to delivering a fantastic customer experience. We are passionate about new ideas and problem-solving, and we believe that technology has the power to create a better world.

We use a consultative approach to assess your challenges, develop and implement customized information technology solutions, and provide you with the best technology services possible. We don't outsource our services to third parties, and all of our team members are based in the continental United States.

The Scarlett Group has been helping businesses solve problems with our full service IT managed services since 2006. We can assist small & medium sized businesses, government organizations, and large-scale enterprises in eliminating technology concerns by providing the most cost-effective IT solutions.

Our IT Service Locations Include:

We offer geo-redundant locations to guarantee that your services are not disrupted by a local disaster.   

Our Services: 


Complete Managed IT Services
Our team of experienced IT professionals can help you manage your technological needs while freeing you to focus on developing your business. We maintain your network, computers, devices, cloud services, apply updates, defend against viruses and malware, make sure backups are completed successfully, and more. We proactively manage your firewalls, antivirus, patches, and everything cybersecurity-related with the latest technology. 
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Co-Managed IT Services
The Scarlett Group's Co-managed IT solutions are designed for businesses looking for a reliable, trustworthy partner to assist them expand their in-house IT department. Our services and skills work in tandem with your current internal IT staff. We develop a single, whole, successful IT operation by combining our efforts.
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Managed Cybersecurity Services
The Scarlett Group can assist with all aspects of cybersecurity, from strategy to execution. You can outsource all things cybersecurity to The Scarlett Group. Our team is made up of ISACA Certified IT Governance and Risk Professionals.
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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) 
When you hire the Scarlett Group, you can expect your company to have a successful recovery from a disaster. DraaS replicates your production infrastructure and all of its processes onto a secondary (or recovery) infrastructure, allowing you to seamlessly transfer to a backup environment so that business procedures may continue as usual. We backup crucial data and applications, as well as provide system failover to a secondary infrastructure using cloud and on-premise resources.
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Reliable IT Support
We can provide you with a single point of contact for all business technology services. From consulting services to troubleshooting, consulting and helpdesk support are all available on an as-needed basis. 
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Cybersecurity Awareness Training
We offer training  for your employees to help them stay vigilant and safe while working online. Our training helps prevent data breaches and can save your company from a potentially damaging cyber-attack.
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Identity & Access Management (IAM) 
We offer IAM services to help you manage and protect your online presence. Our IAM solution gives you access to a secure, integrated system that lets us monitor, store and remove login information for all employees. 
Learn more about our Identity & Access Management Services

Executive Cybersecurity Concierge
CEOs, CFOs, Business Owners and Top Executives have distinct demands that necessitate a safe working environment. With the Executive Cybersecurity Concierge, your device is secure, no matter where you work from. When confidentiality and reduced vulnerability are a necessity, our Executive Cybersecurity Concierge is the answer.
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