No matter your specialty or size, HIPAA takes precedence. You can't afford to skimp on IT and cybersecurity. The consequences of a HIPAA violation are compounded by excessive fines and negative publicity you can't afford.

Leading Healthcare IT Service Providers

Founded and built by IT Auditors, The Scarlett Group is your trusted IT partner. We can support your internal IT department or you can choose our "Complete IT". When you choose "Complete IT" we take the IT burden off your shoulders.

Managed IT Services for Healthcare

For larger medical practices with internal IT departments, we offer services to relieve you of routine projects. For example, we can manage your antivirus and malware. Our SIEM SOC provides the peace of mind and level of security often required for HIPAA. We also conduct Security Assessments and Compliance Readiness as well as many other services.

If you are looking to outsource your IT, be aware. IT providers often claim they can save you time and money with a "one price fits all" Managed IT Services program. The fact is, just like ball caps, one size doesn't fit all. The appeal of "one price fits all" ends abruptly when things get complicated.

Before we make any recommendation or provide any pricing, our team conducts an in-depth study of your current IT infrastructure and processes. We interview key stakeholders and do what it takes to understand what's working and what's not.