IT Procurement Service

Scarlett IT Procurement Services is designed to help organizations with 20-2000 employees. Our procurement service is exclusively for software, not hardware. We are focused on matching the organization's needs to the software that meets them where they are and takes them into the future.

The Problem:

Small to medium-sized organizations don’t have the resources to dedicate a team to focus on a procurement project exclusively. The employee focuses on their day-to-day job; the procurement responsibilities are secondary and don’t receive the focus they deserve. Additionally, if the employee lacks experience, training, and skills are lacking or non-existent in this area. You’re ready for a new ERP/Accounting Software or any other critical application/service. Your options are to engage the vendors directly, use web consulting resources, or hire a 3rd Party Project Manager to administer an RFP (Request for Proposal), RFI (Request for Information), RFQ (Request for Quote), or ITN (Invitation to Negotiate).

What’s involved:

  • Organize Data Owners
  • Develop Key Objectives
  • Develop RFP
  • Identify Potential Partners
  • Manage RFP Process
  • Score Results
  • Assist in the Acquisition of Product
  • Contract Negotiation 

Without a 3rd-party project management team's assistance, narrowing the options field can be daunting, resulting in a painful process. Unless you have internal resources to devote specifically to this process, managing your day-to-day operations will likely take precedence and result in project lags and other related delays.

What we do:

  • We own the process.

Our consultants focus on what differentiates your organization from others and what makes each software vendor unique. Collecting key data points enables us to build a comprehensive request for information to use in our initial vendor qualification.

  • Getting quickly to a short list.

Often, buyers mistakenly begin their software selection process by talking with vendors, which complicates and confuses the process. Our consultants shorten the list of candidate vendors in a three-step process that gets you to the best solution without Wasting time and resources.

  • Evaluating implementation consultants as well as software vendors.

Too many software projects fail, not because the customer chooses the wrong system but because the implementation team is not qualified. Our vendor introduction and reference checking phases ensure that you not only have the right system, but the right system implementation consultants.

  • Discreet Services

In some cases, an organization’s identity may warrant anonymity. Our team can be a liaison and facilitator, allowing your company to remain completely anonymous. Our processes are tested and proven.

  • Scoping

Our subject matter experts work with your team to differentiate necessities from frills. We can also help determine where the software should reside - on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid. If moving to the cloud makes good business sense, our Cloud Brokerage service can help you obtain the best service at the best possible price.

The Solution:

Scarlett’s 3rd Party RFP, RFI, RFQ, and ITN Project Management Services streamline the processes, increase productivity, and limit project lags/delays.

  • Comprehensive discovery by subject matter experts can help you differentiate necessities from frills.
  • Discreet service empowers you to go to market without publicity and the related “noise” that comes with it.
  • Scarlett can be engaged as an interested or disinterested participant.
  • We handle the scheduling of demonstrations and presentations.

The Scarlett Group is the right choice for independent consulting in critical software selection and vendor evaluation.

We Own the Process:

By understanding your business, our software selection consultants focus on what differentiates your organization from others. This allows us to find vendors that will meet all your requirements and offer you the best solution. We then customize a comprehensive Request for Information/Request for Proposal to qualify each vendor further.

Getting Quickly to a Short List: 

Many buyers make the mistake of starting their selection projects by talking to a lengthy list of vendors. Our selection consultants shorten the list of potential vendors in a three-step process that gets you to the right vendors and solutions without taking valuable time from your project team.

Evaluating Implementation Consultants as Well as Vendors:

Too many projects fail - not because the customer chooses the wrong system, but because the implementation consulting firm they hired is not qualified. Our vendor introduction, vetting, and reference-checking phases ensure that you have not only the right system but also the best implementation consultants.