Microsoft 365 Intune and MDM Support

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management service that enables users to protect and administer endpoints from a single place. It allows users to unify their endpoint tools into one solution to simplify administration. As a managed service provider, The Scarlett Group plays a crucial role in helping customers manage and secure their devices utilizing Microsoft Intune. Our aim is to alleviate clients’ stress by ensuring the security of their devices, allowing them to focus on their work without additional concerns. To help manage and secure your devices we assist in the following:

  • Device Enrollment: Pushing new applications to employee devices can be a tricky task that can’t be replicated easily. To combat this, we assist in enrolling devices into Intune so clients can dedicate their time to running their business. 
  • Conditional Access Policies: To enhance the security of your organization’s security, we implement policies that grant access to certain individuals based on their specific jobs or needed information. We don’t want individuals to have access to sensitive company data if they have no intention of using it. Conditional access policies limit the number of people accessing information and will promote a more secure environment. 
  • Monitoring and Reporting: As your managed service provider, we set up monitoring systems to detect and respond to anomalies. Promptly responding to security incidents is very crucial when dealing with a cyber threat. Our professionals will address any security concerns and generate a report about the overall health of your systems. 
  • Patch Management: As new updates and patches are released by Microsoft, we have the option to push out updates to devices as needed. This will keep client devices up to date with current software and reduce the chance of security issues occurring. The last thing you want is to miss an update that patches a big vulnerability, leaving your device and organization at risk.

How we can use Intune

Microsoft Intune makes it extremely easy for enrolling, configuring, monitoring, updating, and wiping devices remotely. The remote assistance allows us to troubleshoot issues directly on your windows device. This greatly reduces the confusion of trying to follow steps over the phone. This allows us to address company needs in a timely manner, eliminating the stress of trying to resolve the issue yourself.  

Once bulk enrolling devices into Intune, we can utilize Intune to create specific policies and preferences regarding monitoring, updating, and wiping devices. For us, implementing Microsoft Intune effectively requires a good understanding of the organization’s needs. Regular monitoring and updating policies based on businesses changing circumstances is crucial for the successful deployment of Intune. 

Integrating Intune with Apple Business Manager

Organizations managing Apple devices can integrate with Microsoft Intune for a few advantages. Microsoft Intune allows users to automate configuration, deployment, and policies in a simple way. The automated features that Intune allows save time and reduce the chance of human errors. Having scripts to automate certain policies lets individuals focus on other tasks while letting the computer do all the work. 

The integration of Microsoft Intune with Apple Business Manager will allow IT administrators to manage both Windows and Apple devices from the same single interface. IT administrators can utilize Intune policies to automate tasks of Apple products. The integration makes it easy to make changes to devices using the same commands. 

Overall, Microsoft Intune is very dynamic and can be used for a variety of different purposes and can make changes based on specific company needs. We understand that not every company has the same needs and preferences, and Intune serves as a bridge to address different company concerns and needs.

Why should your organization trust The Scarlett Group with Microsoft 365 Services? 

MS Solution partner

  • Experienced Staff: Our company holds certified gold partner status with Microsoft. Since the onset of our managed services, we have emphasized the importance of utilizing Microsoft's offerings to their greatest capacity. We help organizations both in the cloud and on-premise. We have the skills necessary to keep your data secure and accessible.
  • Customer-First Approach: Our engineers focus on providing the most efficient plan possible for your cloud services. We know that many businesses operate on razor-thin margins and have trouble justifying the cost of cloud projects. We have the capabilities and experience to provide a cost-benefit analysis that helps determine whether the service would benefit your organization.
  • Verified Safety: Our staff only utilizes solutions that come with verified status checks. At any time, you can rest assured that the cloud is accessible via public status indications. Whenever you need validation that your organization is safe and online, our technicians can check in the blink of an eye.