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Founded by a licensed building contractor, we understand the technology needs of the industry. Our subject matter experts work with Construction Company Clients every day. 

Our firm provides premier IT support services to the architecture, engineering and construction industries. Our services were designed specifically with the construction industry in mind and are aimed at automating and streamlining IT services and support to enhance the daily operations of your company. Our IT firm is lead by ISACA Certified Professionals. We maintain industry-leading credentials and we are available to support your business 24 hours per day / 7 days per week / 365 days per year.

Construction IT Support and IT Services Benefits

We can either augment your internal IT or become your primary IT provider. A major benefit of outsourced IT is that our experts are equipped to ensure that your network and computers remain secure, contain up-to-date software and your business avoids major downtime.

Another benefit seen to construction companies when they outsource their construction IT services is decreased overhead and increased productivity. In the construction industry, outsourced IT has been trusted and relied upon due to its ability to standardize processes, reduce risk to the business, improve reliability to the required technology and increase employee productivity.

In addition, professionally managed IT services provide a safety net to support construction companies. Construction companies have increasingly become a target for cyber attacks: over 27% of all companies and 43% of small companies will experience a data breach. Not only is the average global cost of a data breach nearly $4 million, but construction companies have proprietary information that requires protecting, both for the security of the business as well as its employees and clients.

Outsourced IT Services and Support for construction companies is beneficial in many ways. It cuts costs, protects companies from financial harm and loss of goodwill, keeps the business up-to-date with the latest technology trends and updates, and secures the company’s protected information.

What IT Services are best suited for the construction industry?

Comprehensive IT Assessments

Our certified professional auditors provide a holistic view of your current IT state. An assessment will identify potential risks, validate alignment with your business goals and suggest opportunities for technical and organizational improvements. 

We have developed comprehensive IT assessments for architecture, engineering and construction companies across the country. Our comprehensive IT assessments will allow your business to implement more effective IT functions that eliminate unnecessary technology-related costs while enhancing performance.

Cybersecurity Assessments 

When most people think of crime in the construction industry, they think of petty theft or vandalism. However, because the workforce is mobile, spread out, and has high personnel turnover, the construction industry has become a prime target for cybercriminals.

A cybersecurity assessment will help you understand the risks your business faces and how to eliminate them to protect your company, your employees and your clients.

Office 365 Migrations and Licensing

Because of the nature of construction, in that it usually consists of temporary sites spread out across various cities, a cloud-based service would be the ideal choice.

Cloud backup reduces the risk of cybersecurity threats and costs while allowing easier access on the go. With The Scarlett Group, Office 365 migrations and licensing are simple and seamless.

RFP and Purchasing Services

The Scarlett Group’s RFP and Purchasing Services consulting group will make it easy for your business to decide which software is the best fit for your construction company. 

Our process will choose software that will work now and scale for the future to provide your business reduced costs and increased flexibility. We are also in a unique position to negotiate on your behalf if you choose.

Cloud Strategy Consulting and Migration Services

It is important for those in the architecture, engineering and construction industries to consult a managed IT company for cloud consulting and migration to ensure the speed and quality of its technology, while protecting its information from cyber-attack. 

Our company aims to help you select the option that best suits the needs of your business; we will handle the migration with no hassle for you.

Secure File Sync and Share Solutions

Enterprise file sync and share (“EFSS”) allows authorized users the ability to securely share and sync files among multiple devices. Because the construction industry usually requires file sharing outside of the company to clients or to professionals in different fields, EFSS is an ideal choice.

The Scarlett Group’s IT professionals can help you decide whether Dropbox, OneDrive, or another EFSS best suits your business needs and goals.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

To keep up with the hustle and bustle of the construction industry, MDM services from a trusted IT company are crucial. Mobile Device Management will allow owners, foremen and other construction personnel access to important information on the go, as well as remote management of different devices.

We provide complete coverage across all major service providers to accommodate our customers.

Help Desk Support

The Scarlett Group’s 24/7/365 IT help desk is available every day of the year to answer technology-related questions, remedy technology issues and prevent cyber attacks. We provide IT help that allows your business to continue to run smoothly without suffering from significant downtime.

Managed Cybersecurity

A reliable, adaptive and safe cybersecurity plan is imperative to the success of a construction business. Cyber attacks can cripple a business in many ways: financially, legally, and in the eyes of the public.

The Scarlett Group provides comprehensive managed cybersecurity services to ensure that threats are detected and prevented before they strike.

Complete Managed Services

With looming deadlines, construction companies often feel that there are not enough hours in a day to complete the tasks at hand. Scarlett's Complete managed IT services allow your business to focus on construction, while we focus on IT. 

Our limitless support services remove all IT-related worries or problems from your long to-do list.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity 

At The Scarlett Group, we understand that weather and natural disasters are often one of the biggest concerns for a construction company; while we cannot guarantee that a disaster will not occur, we can help guarantee business continuity in the event of a natural or cyber disaster.

Our disaster recovery plans help minimize downtime and data loss in the event of a disaster so your business can continue almost instantaneously.

Workflow and Process Mapping

Workflow and process mapping allow IT professionals to discover solutions to IT-related problems that impact the day-to-day performance of a company. 

Our customized plans help implement improvements and automate procedures to upgrade the IT function of your architecture, engineering or construction company.

Why trust The Scarlett Group with your company's construction IT services?

At The Scarlett Group, we are passionate about technology, cybersecurity and the success of our clients. Our number one goal is to help our construction clients meet the technology needs associated with their company. Our Construction IT services and solutions were originally developed with our construction clients' needs in mind. 

As a Managed Services Provider, we offer all the IT support you would ever want or require. We aim to save you money and time through the implementation of streamlined processes and efficient software. Our IT professionals are certified, experienced and passionate about what they do.

We want your construction company to thrive without the stress of cyber threats, outages or nightmare IT infrastructure. If you are ready for the innovative and proven IT methods developed by The Scarlett Group, contact us today to get started with our Construction IT Services.


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