IT Governance Consulting  

The Scarlett Group’s Consulting Team is led by ISACA Certified Governance Professionals.  

IT governance is a critical component of a well performing enterprise. IT governance is a formal framework that provides a structure for organizations to ensure that IT investments support business objectives. The requirement for IT governance was fueled by the enactment of laws and regulations by the federal government. 

Implementing a comprehensive IT governance program requires a lot of time and effort. Mid-sized and small businesses might practice essential IT governance methods while larger, heavily regulated organizations require a full-fledged IT governance program.  

Our Governance Consultants often augment an organization’s current staff.  

Some of the most commonly used frameworks are: 

  • COBIT 
  • ITIL 
  • COSO 
  • CMMI 
  • FAIR 

When implementing a governance program, executive buy-in is critical. Without buy-in, failure is likely. Our Consultants can help build the business case to secure the necessary buy-in which will ensure success.