Cybersecurity Professionals are in high demand. They command top salaries and are often “shopping” for the next higher-paying position. The mid-market and smaller businesses generally can’t afford to staff these positions.  

The solution? Outsource all things Cybersecurity to The Scarlett Group. Our firm is led by ISACA Certified IT Governance and Risk Professionals.  

The Scarlett Group was built by IT Professionals focused on creating an excellent customer experience. We are passionate about innovation and problem-solving, and we believe technology is the key to success. Every solution we provide is driven by experienced people who are determined to understand your business goals and align your IT infrastructure to help you achieve them. We don’t outsource our services to 3rd parties and all of our team members are located in the continental U.S. We have georedundant locations to ensure a local disaster doesn’t impact your services.   

How “Managed IT Security” works: 

Comprehensive Discovery
Before we make any recommendations or provide any pricing, we recommend a Cybersecurity Assessment.  We identify and quantify risks which enable you to make smarter decisions about your current technology, potential new investments and the optimal approach to enterprise risk management based on your business needs and goals.  

Risk/Cost Analysis 
You could spend an unlimited amount of money on Cybersecurity. Yet cybersecurity isn’t guaranteed. The largest, most secure companies in America get hacked, as do the small “mom and pop” operations. Recently, a small, local veterinary office was hacked. Everyone is at risk. To ensure you are getting the most comprehensive protection for the best price, we perform a Risk/Cost Analysis based on your business, industry, and mandatory compliance requirements. For example, a large healthcare organization would typically have a higher spend on Cybersecurity than a small construction company.  

Layered Approach 
Once we perform a Risk/Cost Analysis, we determine the required layers of security for your business. There is a misconception that tools alone will protect your company. For example, we hear people claim that a firewall and antivirus software will do the trick. The fact is, although tools are necessary, they can't fix the biggest risk - human neglect or error. We not only implement the industry’s leading tools, we also work with you to write policy and procedures. The layers of protection may also include identity verification, access controls, data loss prevention and ransomware prevention.  

24/7/365 Support 
Our operations center is fully staffed 5 days a week, 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM. For after-hours support, our team is on call 24/7/365 and the phones are always answered in the USA by a live person.  

The human factor is your biggest risk. We will implement an ongoing security training program with the most current and relevant content. Testing is an important component of our program, measuring compliance in a professional non-invasive manner. 

Our reporting is customized to your needs. Where required, we provide both security monitoring and incident response. If incident response isn’t required, we offer either monthly or quarterly reports. You will receive complete transparency to your network and end points. Security status and all aspects of proactive monitoring lets you know where you stand and provides peace of mind.

Contact us today for a detailed scope of services included with "Managed Cybersecurity Services."