HIPAA Compliance Services with The Scarlett Group

Healthcare organizations are faced with the unique challenge of following compliance guidelines that aim to protect sensitive patient data from prying cybercriminals. Practices of all sizes face strict IT and cybersecurity compliance requirements. The Scarlett Group offers complete managed HIPAA compliance services. Our HIPAA compliance package not only helps your organization meet minimum HIPAA cyber practices, it also provides supplemental cybersecurity services that reduce the risk of a costly breach.

The Importance of Managed HIPAA Compliance Services

The Scarlett Group specializes in managed security and IT services. Our team will work with your existing IT and Cybersecurity staff to augment their capabilities, providing essential cybersecurity services and consultation. HIPAA compliance and health-data breach prevention is a specialty of our team. We utilize robust solutions that protect against a huge array of threats, all while providing the critical HIPAA requirements regarding cybersecurity and IT protections. Our team will always provide the appropriate resources where necessary to accomplish complete HIPAA compliance while remaining conscious of cost. No matter the size of the practice or organization, we can help affordably close the security and IT gaps for HIPAA compliance .

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Additional Benefits to Scarlett's Managed HIPAA Compliance

Our Complete HIPAA Compliance package implements tested and rigid controls that help ensure your practice is fully compliant with the HIPPA framework's cybersecurity considerations. As always, we validate and report on this compliance with automated solutions and we are more than happy to co-manage the security controls with your existing IT team.

  • Monthly Reporting:  Seeing is believing. We provide automated and manual reporting in order to give your team a clear picture on the effectiveness of the implemented solutions.
  • Ongoing Training: A core component of HIPAA compliance is a managed, ongoing training program. We provide a fully compliant solution that trains your users to help prevent confusion and reduce the risk of compliance shortcomings.
  • Phishing Awareness Training: A critical component of any cybersecurity awareness stack is a phishing awareness training plan. By simulating attacker's emails, your users will be vigilant for attacks. 
  • Dark Web Scanning: By combing the Dark Web for leaked emails and data breaches, The Scarlett Group can provide aggressive alerting and remediation whenever your organization's name appears in the attacker's database.
  • Managed Cybersecurity Services: HIPAA Compliance is not a minimum checkbox framework - these standards require management and dedicated cybersecurity professionals to ensure complete compliance and protection. Our team will manage or co-manage cybersecurity controls, develop appropriate policies, and provide reporting on your organization's current compliance posture, all while protecting from attacks and assisting with recovery.



Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum standards are not enough. More and more, breaches occur costing hospitals and practices a huge sum of remediation money. Work with The Scarlett Group to evolve past minimum standards and protect patient PII the way it was intended.