Someone needs to tell cyber-criminals to take notes from old-west bank robbers. Who doesnโ€™t love gunslingers loudly dueling it out with cowboys after busting into a bank vault with dynamite? The getaway while under fire was always the best scene inโ€ฆ
In the year 2000, people dreaded the โ€œY2K Bugโ€ and believed that it would wreak havoc on the worldโ€™s technological infrastructure. These fears were founded off the belief that the applications and hardware would not be able to handle the date formatโ€ฆ
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (or DRBC) is a key component of the operational infrastructure of any business. Yet many companies donโ€™t think about it until an unexpected calamity arises.
There are many reasons your company should implement an IT governance framework.
Information is probably the most important asset of any business. As such, it needs a proactive management approach. Sadly, many small businesses lack the necessary technical and financial resources to commit full-time personnel to managingโ€ฆ
Customer demands are evolving each day. New service models and technologies are pushing conventional service providers from their comfort zones. These innovations are redefining industries from the IT to the financial sector.
What is NIST Compliance? The National institute of Standards and Technology is a government agency that is responsible for developing technology, its metric and standards that are necessary for driving economic competitiveness and innovation inโ€ฆ
Database management is a costly and challenging endeavor. It requires a lot of care and vigilance by qualified technicians. Databases are prone to cyber attacks, human errors, hardware breakdowns, and power outages.
Technology is constantly changing and itโ€™s costing more each passing day. Sure, you can go online and order a home computer for less than $500 from Amazon but itโ€™s a totally different world when you involve large database applications such asโ€ฆ
Today, social media activities, monetary transactions, and technology play important roles in the way organizations carry out their business and communicate with potential customers. These same vehicles can be targets for cyber attacks.