The Scarlett Group’s Co-managed IT services are tailored for organizations seeking a dependable, trusted partner to augment their internal IT department.

Our services and expertise blend with your existing in-house IT team. Together we create a single, comprehensive, effective IT operation.

Co-Managed IT Services:

The Scarlett Group will design a managed solution based on your business needs, existing IT expertise, geography, regulatory requirements and current business applications. Below is a list of services that can be delivered individually or bundled together:

  • Network Operations Center (NOC): 24x7 monitoring of your critical infrastructure, along with the ability to create customized incident response plans.   
  • Service Desk: Our U.S.-based, 24x7 service desk can provide Tier 1 support to your end users or can act as an escalation point for your internal help desk (Tiers 2 and 3).
  • Patch and Asset Management: We offer patch and asset management solutions that can include both remotely-administered and on-premise components. You can offload some of the more mundane aspects of managing infrastructure and end user computing devices, so your IT team can focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Managed Antivirus: If your organization’s Antivirus is unmanaged, your cybersecurity is vulnerable. Managed Antivirus is achieved by an IT Professional, not the end user. Scarlett’s Managed Antivirus Services places the responsibility of ensuring that your antivirus is active and up to date on us rather than on your busy staff.
  • Firewall Management: Our Managed Firewall program delivers around-the-clock security event and device health monitoring, management of upgrades, changes and patching, policy auditing, and intelligence-enhanced threat protection to keep your environment safe.  
  • Security Monitoring and Threat Protection: Our vulnerability management, security information and event monitoring (SIEM), mobile device management, intrusion detection/prevention, identity management, email security and endpoint protection solutions protect your IT environment.
  • Backup and Recovery Services: We design and offer state-of-the-art backup and recovery solutions that provide peace of mind in the event of business interruption or catastrophic events.
  • Compliant Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): We offer a range of cloud and hosting alternatives to reduce the overhead associated with data center facilities and equipment. You benefit from consistent operational spending that allows business capital to be utilized for other needs.

Why choose The Scarlett Group?

There are significant differences between IT Managed Service Providers (MSP). Some providers outsource nearly every aspect of your service. Others are franchises that change hands regularly. Some offer a low entry price, only to nickel and dime you over time. Be wary of “one price fits all” offers. Be aware of providers that offer services as a sideline, where IT security is not their core business. Some of the big box office supply stores and copier companies are now offering IT services, but this is a “secondary” business for them, not their primary function. 

The Scarlett Group is different! Our company was built by IT Professionals focused on creating an excellent customer experience. We are passionate about innovation and problem-solving, and we believe technology is the key to a better world. Every solution we provide is driven by experienced people who are determined to understand your business goals and align your IT infrastructure to help you achieve them. We don’t outsource our services to 3rd parties and all our team members are located in the continental U.S. We have geo-redundant locations to ensure a local disaster doesn’t impact your services.