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In a recent News4JAX report, cybersecurity experts discussed the pressing issue of online privacy and data protection. Our own Tyler Chancey, Director of Scarlett Cybersecurity, was featured in this important discussion.

Tyler Chancey emphasized the speed at which data brokers collect information, stating, "When I sign up for a new service? Instantly. I mean, it is within seconds."

The report also mentions several companies offering services to help individuals protect and delete their personal data online. These services aim to give users more control over their digital footprint.

This News4JAX article underscores the importance of cybersecurity awareness and proactive measures to protect personal information in our increasingly digital world. As a company dedicated to cybersecurity, we at Scarlett Group/Scarlett Cybersecurity are proud to contribute to this crucial conversation.

For the full article and more detailed insights, please visit the original News4JAX report

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