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In late January 2024, the City of Jacksonville Beach experienced major IT outages and disruptions to city systems and services. After weeks of investigating the "cybersecurity event", city officials announced on March 20th that they had been the victim of a cyberattack. The investigation revealed a hacker group breached the city network, potentially exposing sensitive personal data of city employees and customers of the municipal Beaches Energy Services like Social Security, driver's licenses, and financial account information. Though the attack occurred in January, the delayed notification allowed time for forensic analysis to determine the extent of the data breach. The city is now notifying potential victims by mail and providing guidance on monitoring for identity theft.

The cybersecurity incident impacting the City of Jacksonville Beach systems has garnered attention, with cybersecurity expert Tyler Chancey from Scarlett Group providing valuable insights. As quoted in the article, Chancey notes that the attack aligns with the recent spike cyberattacks across various sectors, stating, "Looking at this, it really tracks very closely with a lot of the other attacks we've seen in the industry. In government, in the private sector, it's been really rough for cyber security."

Chancey emphasizes the importance of taking proactive measures for those potentially affected, advising, "Your bank is going to have a very vested interest in keeping your account safe. They want to because they'll lose money too if something happens. Talk to them. They might suggest new cards or account security measures, but it's worth it."

For the full details on the Jacksonville Beach cyberattack and Chancey's recommendations, read the article.


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