Protect Your Organization with Expert Threat Monitoring and Response

Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Is your organization prepared to defend itself?

Managed detection & response (MDR) services provide 24/7 monitoring, detection, investigation and response to security incidents - augmenting your team with cybersecurity experts.

Our managed IT security services utilize leading technologies like SentinelOne to safeguard your endpoints and infrastructure. With round-the-clock vigilance, we stop attacks before they cause harm.

Comprehensive Threat Protection

Our solution delivers advanced prevention, detection, and response capabilities:

Advanced Prevention and Detection

We use artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis to block known and emerging threats across endpoints and networks. Static AI, behavioral AI engines and eight other detection methods ensure continuous protection.

Rapid Incident Response

Our cyber experts investigate and remediate security events in minutes. We contain attacks and roll back changes to return endpoints to a last-known-good state.

Managed Firewalls and Access Controls

We implement layered security controls like firewall policies and device restrictions tailored to your environment. Granular settings control endpoint behavior and communication.

Augmenting Your Team

Our Florida-based experts become an extension of your IT and security staff.

Local Support

With in-state resources, we provide rapid assistance during security events and ongoing optimization of controls.

Shared Portal Access

Designated internal staff gain visibility and management permissions within the admin console. We train you to respond alongside our analysts.

Ongoing Partnership

Regular briefings keep you updated on intelligence, environmental baseline shifts and recommended policy changes.

The Scarlett Advantage

Years of real-world incident response experience inform our approach.

Advanced Detection

Our team goes beyond alert triage, employing forensic techniques to uncover adversaries that evade automated detection.

Proactive Management

We customize permissions, groups and settings - securing the management portal from intrusion.

Hassle-free Rollout

Our deployment assistance minimizes disruption, despite the wide array of configuration options.

Transparent Pricing

All administration, tuning, investigation and remediation tasks are handled as part of the standard license cost structure.

SentinelOne Capabilities

The SentinelOne agent equips endpoints with extensive defensive and recovery tools:

SentinelOne Logo - MDR

AI Prevention and Detection

Multiple integrated AI engines identify known and zero-day malware during file scans, process executions and network communications using static analysis, dynamic behavior monitoring and other techniques.

Network Quarantine

Detected threats trigger immediate network isolation to prevent propagation, containing the attack to single endpoints.

Automatic Rollback

Restore endpoints to a last known good state in one click, eliminating malware modifications and reversing encryption side effects from ransomware.

Device Control

Granular policies restrict endpoint connectivity for USB devices, Bluetooth, CD/DVD drives and other peripherals to prevent data exfiltration or worm propagation.

Firewall Management

Configure local firewall policies and traffic shaping rules per endpoint or group, limiting lateral movement and communication with command and control servers.

MDR Services Explained

Our managed approach includes continuous tuning and expert oversight tailored to your unique risks.

Deployment Assistance

We architect appropriate group policies, exceptions and settings during initial rollout and provide ongoing aid as your environment evolves.

Threat Triage

Around-the-clock analyst staffing investigates alerts, enlisting forensic specialists and IT teams to determine necessary containment and remediation steps.

Environment Baselining

By establishing normal network, endpoint and user behavior benchmarks, we detect and highlight anomalies indicative of emerging threats.

Threat Intelligence Updates

Regular briefings detail the latest observed attack vectors, adversary infrastructure and vulnerabilities pertinent to your industry and regional profile.

Secure Access Control

Multi-factor authentication and least-privilege permissions prevent unauthorized access or changes to the management console.

Experience Behind Our Services

The Scarlett Group leverages seasoned incident responders and digital forensics practitioners to meet the challenges of modern defense.

Our MDR program is designed and led by former members of elite cybersecurity units within the United States military and Fortune 10 corporations. The team has mitigated sophisticated intrusions within massive global enterprises as well as pinpoint attacks on small businesses alike.

With over 5000 endpoints currently under our management, the Scarlett Group has developed efficient processes to onboard new clients while preventing disruptions to daily business. We stand ready to scale our capabilities to your organizational requirements.

Next Steps

Ready to lock down your infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and emergency response? Let's discuss how managed EDR can ease the burden on your IT team while forwarding a proactive defense.

Contact our sales team today to review service options and pricing tailored for your unique operational profile. We look forward to working together securing your enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed detection and response (MDR) is a cybersecurity service that provides round-the-clock monitoring, detection, investigation and response to security incidents. MDR providers augment an organization's security capabilities with their own cybersecurity experts and advanced technologies.

Extended Detection and Response solutions build on traditional antivirus, firewalls and proxies - adding critical threat hunting, investigation and rollback capabilities.

Powerful visibility and control these tools provide comes at the cost of additional overhead for internal IT teams. 

Around-the-clock monitoring, emergency response and day-to-day configuration changes become unrealistic for most organizations.

Outsourcing these tasks to a dedicated MDR provider delivers powerful protections without taxing existing staff. 

Let us put our proven methodology and depth of talent to work defending your infrastructure.

MDR addresses the challenges of cyber threats by providing 24/7 monitoring, detection, investigation and response to security incidents. It augments an organization's IT team with cybersecurity experts to defend against sophisticated attacks.

MDR providers offer a more comprehensive and proactive approach compared to MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers). MDR includes advanced threat hunting, forensic investigation, and incident response capabilities that go beyond the alert monitoring and management typically provided by MSSPs.

MDR works by utilizing AI-powered technologies to continuously monitor endpoints and networks for threats. When a security event is detected, the MDR provider's cyber experts rapidly investigate and remediate the incident, containing the attack and restoring affected systems. The MDR team also proactively manages security controls and provides threat intelligence updates.

MDR builds upon Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. While EDR provides the tools for threat detection and response on endpoints, MDR adds the human expertise and 24/7 management to effectively leverage those capabilities. MDR providers handle the deployment, configuration, monitoring and incident response tasks associated with EDR.


  • MDR focuses primarily on endpoint security.
  • Extended Detection and Response (XDR) expands the scope to unify security data from endpoints, networks, email, cloud and other sources for more comprehensive threat detection and response.
  • Managed XDR (MXDR) refers to XDR solutions that are managed by a service provider.


MSSPs offer alert monitoring and management of security devices, but typically do not provide the advanced threat hunting, forensic investigation and incident response capabilities that define MDR. MDR is a more proactive, hands-on approach to cybersecurity.

Both MDR and Managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) provide 24/7 monitoring and alerting. However, Managed SIEM focuses on aggregating and correlating log data from across an organization's infrastructure, while MDR brings together telemetry from endpoints, networks and other sources. MDR also includes active threat hunting and incident response, which are not core components of Managed SIEM.