Hardware Refresh  

When it’s time for new hardware, you need a trusted partner to guide you through the process.  

All too often, Midmarket and Small Businesses regret their hardware investments because they refresh their hardware without a strategic replacement plan. Our experienced consultants understand the pitfalls and take a calculated approach that will save you resources and money.   

There has been a consolidation in the computer industry. There are fewer name brands. When we think of commercial grade servers, PCs and laptops, the names Dell, HP and Lenovo come to mind. Our Help Desk Service Professionals have firsthand knowledge of many of the top manufacturers and models. Our team works with all the major manufacturers and models, from servers to firewalls to storage arrays. Different industries have different requirements. Our experience provides best practice recommendations for your specific industry/business needs. 

Primary Benefits of a hardware refresh with The Scarlett Group:

  • Disinterested Engagement: If you are looking for a pure consulting relationship, The Scarlett Consulting Group is the answer with our RFP Services | IT Purchasing services.      
  • Interested Engagement: If you are looking for a single source for consulting and acquisition of hardware, our Solutions Group is a distributor for many of the best-in-class providers, and we can simplify the process. 
  • Holistic Discovery: When you engage our services, we go beyond determining the technical requirements. We meet with your end users to understand their individual wants and needs.   
  • Provisioning: Once you’ve selected the product, the heavy lifting begins. Our team can manage scheduling, configuring, delivery and staging, pilot and review.    
  • Buying Power: Our pricing models are enterprise-level, often affording discounts to the mid-market and smaller organizations. 
  • Strategic Planning: Our team can help you build a strategic, cost-effective replacement plan spreading the capital cost out vs a one-time hit.