Managed Mobility

Our Enterprise Mobility provides complete coverage with all major mobile operators (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint) into one consolidated platform, leveraging buying power to provide simpler and more cost-effective mobility solutions. Our monitoring service helps ensure your network receives the highest level of attention from our partner’s Network Operations Center. Proactive monitoring enables our partner to check the status of your network 24/7/365.

  • Customized pooled and shared data plans with unlimited talk and text
  • Cross-carrier data pooling
  • Machine-to-Machine data plans
  • SIM conversions for existing services
  • Mobile Device Management Applications
  • A single portal: wireless services across carriers and self-service ordering


Remote Management of Users and Devices

Remote management is perhaps one of the most obvious advantages of MDM. However, the ability to remotely manage users and their devices shouldn’t be overlooked. This capability guarantees the security and health of every mobile device connected to a network, while creating an option to remotely disable unauthorized users and applications. This enhances security significantly. Provisions coordinate through every device that is connected to the network, keeping consistent with procedural protocol to ensure your business stays safe with managed IT support services.

Automatic Deletion

Users can easily ensure against stolen and lost devices, and organizations are less likely to be affected by former employees who have access to sensitive company information. With MDM, you can easily delete confidential information from any device, resulting in immeasurable peace of mind.

Cost Savings

Encouraging employees to use their own devices requires a level of organizational MDM.  But from this endeavor, it is possible for your company to also receive pecuniary benefits. By monitoring the activity on personal devices, your business can save a tremendous amount of money since you won’t be providing devices. This also creates a level of trust within the organization because employees feel more comfortable and secure using their own devices.

Supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Traditional technology support tended to reject unknown devices as intrusive. However, MDM understands the importance of BYOD. It even functions to support the productivity and cost savings associated with bringing your own device to work. Modern organizations should encourage employees to use their mobile devices to access information such as important data and emails, providing they won’t abuse their rights. By properly managing every device connected to the network, you don’t have to compromise company security for the sake of efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to regulatory standards is common practice and is a legal requirement in many professions. Modern regulatory compliance should include legislation that prevents an unauthorized device from compromising your business’s security. In addition, MDM’s reporting capabilities should permit the confirmation of network integrity. With MDM, compliance initiatives are closely monitored through a centralized console. This means you can enhance protection while working in correlation with legal requirements.

Controlled Device Updates

Ensuring systems are up-to-date is a huge area of focus in the transcendent business world because it is a vital component of security. MDM controls update centrally while complying with government regulations, protecting your data.

Application Control

Your organization likely uses numerous apps for a productive workforce, which creates an additional avenue for regulation and control. Mobile Device Management (MDM) security creates a centralized control for users who need to install these apps on their devices, and the centralized management system generates multiple benefits such as role-based access management and the ability to disable applications.