Identity & Access Management Services (IAM)

The Scarlett Group is here to help your organization align with the new cyber insurance standards that are rolling out as attackers focus more on user accounts. Our SSO and MFA services enable your organization to keep your user accounts secure without the headache usually associated with new security tools.

(If you want to know - in the simplest terms possible - about Identity Access Management, Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication and why cyber insurance is requiring some of these as a bare minimum, check out this blog.)

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The Scarlett Group and Identity Management

Cyber Insurance is changing – fast. We have seen insurance providers increase their premiums and requirements at an aggressive rate. Insurance providers have come to the ugly realization that most organizations will be breached and have adjusted their policies accordingly.

The Scarlett team always focuses on the importance of protecting user accounts. Our SSO and MFA services provide the technical resources necessary to implement organization-wide MFA coupled with seamless Single Sign-on experiences for users.

Multi-factor authentication is critical. A simple Username & Password is no longer considered to be secure.

Most breaches we have seen are due to single-factor account compromises. MFA provides a much higher level of account security than standard single factor.

Why are SSO, MFA, and IAM Important Concepts?

The Scarlett Team, our clients, and insurance providers have all experienced the same thing – MFA works. MFA works so well that it has become a core requirement for nearly all policies and clients that are serious about protecting their network.

Single sign-on is a technology that enables a single, central login to act as an easy-to-use hub for all other application logins. Instead of having a separate login for all your apps, you haveimage 10 one sign-in that works for everything. Basically, you sign in once per day and everything is unlocked.

Implementing a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution can reduce the opportunities for cybercriminals to breach your sensitive data and accounts. Single sign on means less password sprawl.

Fewer passwords means more security. Insurance providers have seen the real-world results that reduced password sprawl can have on an organization’s security.

Frequently Asked Questions

MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication. It is simply an additional method other than username+password for logging in.

Single Sign-on is a quick and easy way for your users to reduce the number of logins they have each day. One central login is used for multiple apps.

Implementing an Identity and Access Management Solution can give a full suite of SSO and MFA options. Speak to a Scarlett expert today for more info or see this blog.