If you have determined the cloud is where you need to be, you need The Scarlett Group’s cloud brokerage services.

Our firm is led by ISACA Certified IT Professionals

The cloud alternatives are vast. The noise around Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS can be deafening. The fact is, there are many other alternatives that may or may not be more appropriate and more affordable for your organization. If your organization is moving from a premise environment to the cloud, your internal resources typically don’t have the experience needed to handle this from start to finish. This is one area midmarket and smaller organizations don’t want to go it alone.  

That’s when you turn to the Cloud Professionals at The Scarlett Group. We have moved hundreds of clients from legacy hardware environments to the cloud. In some cases, it’s 100% migration, while for others, it’s a hybrid. Whether we work with your in-house team or you hand it off completely to our experts, the transition doesn’t need to be complicated. We take the complex and make it simple and seamless.  

Primary Benefits of Cloud Services with The Scarlett Group: 

  • Alternatives:
    We have existing relationships with a vast number of cloud providers. Based on your budget, compliance and infrastructure requirements, we provide you with options and help you make the best choice.
  • Flexibility:
    Our contracts scale as your business requirements change. Whether your needs and requirements increase or decrease, we can move you in either direction. Most direct-provider contracts have no flexibility for reduction within the original term, so you can find yourself stuck in an inflexible, expensive contract.
  • Buying Power:
    Our pricing models are enterprise-level, affording discounts to the mid-market and smaller organizations. 
  • Public/Private:
    We offer both, plus we offer FedRAMP for government contractors and those requiring maximum security.
  • Migration Services:
    Our experienced team has migrated both simple and complex environments smoothly and seamlessly. This is one area you don’t want to go it alone. You need The Scarlett Group as your trusted partner.   

Frequently Asked Questions

A Cloud Broker manages the delivery and performance of cloud services. Cloud Brokers negotiate relationships between cloud providers and cloud consumers. As cloud computing evolves, the integration of cloud services are often too complex for cloud consumers to manage alone.