Dark Web Scanning as a Service

The Scarlett Group can help your organization detect if company resources are being distributed via the Dark Web while training your users to be more cyber-aware. 

Credentialed cybersecurity experts at The Scarlett Group will help ensure that your organization's data is secured.  

The Dark Web is a growing threat avenue for most organizations. While it might not be an inherently malicious concept, the Dark Web can provide stealthy avenues for criminals to distribute stolen information. Once a business is compromised, data is sold to bidders on the Dark Web.

With the current trends in cybersecurity, it is safest for organizations to assume that every account has a high chance of password compromise. The Scarlett Group provides Dark Web Scanning as a Service to confirm these compromises and provide immediate alerting when a breach does occur.

Assessment and scanning services monitor this data for relevant metrics involving your organization and domain, alerting security staff whenever new data appears. This data is then used to check for attackers on the network and protect accounts. Our team will provide monthly reporting and immediate alerting involving Dark Web activity for your organization. 


Studies* have shown that approximately 71% of security breaches target small businesses, and each breached data record costs approximately $141. When these data records number in the tens or hundreds of thousands, it's easy to see why precaution is warranted. *Source: 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis by Ponemon Institute

The Scarlett group can work independently or with your existing team to provide managed security services focused on preventing a disastrous breach. Our team has the training, tools, and support resources necessary to provide immediate alerting and coverage of Dark Web activity. 

95% of data breaches are caused by employee mistakes. It is critical to ensure that employees understand the risks to sensitive information and the threat of data breaches. Included with our Dark Web Assessment Solution is a comprehensive training and policy solution. By standardizing your organization's training initiatives and policies, you can guarantee that your users won't find themselves totally blindsided by the newest attack techniques. 

Why Partner with The Scarlett Group for Dark Web Breach Assessments and Security Training?

  • Historical Data: Our experienced team will provide a complimentary Dark Web breach assessment
  • Monitored Alerts: Cybersecurity Experts will provide monitored, emergency resolution to Dark Web breaches involving your organization
  • Employee Security Training: Breaches often occur due to vulnerable users. Prevent these attacks with organized, standardized, and centralized training 
  • Micro-training and Security News: Keep users up to date on newest threat trends and current attacks
  • Specialized Cybersecurity Resources: Our team is composed of cybersecurity professionals, available anytime for consultation and remediation


Frequently Asked Questions

60% of small businesses go out of business after a data breach. Data breaches are expensive and can damage a company’s reputation, finances, and morale.

Centrally managed dark web scanning and assessments provide huge benefits by leveraging the existing cybersecurity expertise at The Scarlett Group to work alongside your team. Outsourced cybersecurity services with our team provides all the benefits of a service model while ensuring that your organization has a trusted partner.