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Moving your email and Office apps to the cloud with Microsoft 365 doesn’t have to be a headache. The Scarlett Group can act as a trusted partner to help organizations achieve a full migration, licensing included. 

Fortunately, most businesses only migrate to the cloud once. We handle this process for our clients every day and have directly observed innumerable benefits from the move. We are here to migrate and manage the entire process so you can focus on your top priority - running your business.

If you go it alone, one of the most confusing aspects of moving to Microsoft 365 can be the various options that exist. For example, did you know there are several different business plans to choose from, each with different features? Microsoft does a great job of laying out the included services with each set, but our consultants can help determine what your organization truly needs.

Most importantly, migrating the critical service of email from Exchange to Microsoft 365 without a qualified partner puts you at risk for downtime, data loss, and can cause major financial loss. By working with The Scarlett Group, you can rest assured that your email migration will be achieved seamlessly.     

Benefits of Microsoft 365 and “Cloud” Email:

  • Affordable access to cloud storage, remote teamwork solutions, security features, web and mobile versions of Office, and cloud-hosted email.
  • The total cost of ownership is less when you consider the cloud inherently offers a disaster recovery aspect. If you have ever lost the use of your email with an Exchange Server, you have already experienced this pain. Microsoft 365 boasts 99.98% availability.  
  • Microsoft 365 is a pay-as-you-go platform. This provides predictability and flexibility. You can scale up and scale down, and it’s simple compared to running an on-premise server.
  • Upgrades happen automatically so your IT management costs decrease. With Microsoft cloud services, there are never any server security patches required from your end.
  • With the Microsoft 365 platform, you can get the entire Office Suite included with your cloud email. This standardization of core licenses across the enterprise helps cut hidden spending and provides additional security based on the chosen package.

Why partner with The Scarlett Group for Microsoft 365?     image 14

  • The Scarlett Group is a certified Microsoft Enterprise Solutions Partner. We are able to both sell and support Microsoft products.
  • Our team is highly experienced in cloud migrations. We help demystify the world of "the cloud" and reduce downtime associated with moving to the cloud.
  • With dozens of staff on active standby, we can help resolve critical issues at a rapid pace - even after migration.
  • Microsoft 365 is backed by The Scarlett Group’s exceptional customer care. No need to wait for Microsoft’s customer service. We are available, in the USA, 24/7/365.
  • There is no downside to using us as a partner. We utilize standard Microsoft licenses and pricing. At the end of the day your organization will receive the most popular business productivity suite on the planet with improved support and experienced engineers to help integrate the solution.

As you consider hosted services such as email with Microsoft 365, you need to understand your current total cost of ownership (TCO). If you’re currently using on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers, chances are that there are significant expenses and security considerations associated with the hardware. The total cost of ownership is much more than just the cost of an Exchange Server, licensing, and installation.

Often, the cost of bandwidth, CALs, SSL certificates, downtime, consultants, security controls, and labor to manage a very complex system is overlooked - which results in a much higher TCO than most people realize. Migration to a cloud service serves to streamline the costs into a predictable monthly fee while simultaneously upgrading the quality across the board. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Microsoft 365" (formerly Office 365) refers to subscription plans that include access to Office applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services). Microsoft 365 includes plans for use at home and for business. The most commonly used and advertised features of the platform are cloud storage, remote teamwork solutions, security features, web and mobile versions of Office, and cloud-hosted email.

No. Applications are tailored to work best on each platform and device. The Office applications available for Mac users and the version numbers may be different from those available for PC users. Mobile devices will have access to a wide range of applications and features included with your subscription.

The Scarlett Group is a certified Gold Partner with Microsoft. Our pricing is the same as available on the Microsoft Store, but we feature additional consultation, support, and migration assistance.