Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) 

The Scarlett Group can save your organization time, money and resources when it comes to Disaster Recovery.  

Our firm is led by ISACA Certified IT Professionals.  

DraaS replicates your production infrastructure and all its processes onto a secondary (or recovery) infrastructure so that you can transition to a backup environment seamlessly, allowing your business processes to continue as usual. We use cloud and on-premise resources to back up vital data and applications, as well as providing system failover to a secondary infrastructure. 

This secondary infrastructure can be implemented in the event of an IT disruption, providing you with a backup working environment while your original environment is repaired, and your disaster recovery plan is put into action. DraaS also assists in failback when you are ready to move services back to your original server, immediately resuming replication services to protect against future outages.  

The level of support required by each client can vary, with some organizations choosing to protect their entire environment and others selecting just the most vital functions. The services documented in the SLA (Service Level Agreement) allow for flexibility and scalability to suit the needs of any organization.  

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), more than 40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster, and for those that do, only 29% were still operating after two years.  Additionally, companies that lost their information technology for nine days or more after a disaster are bankrupt within a year.  

Primary Benefits of DraaS by The Scarlett Group: 

  • Fully-managed: Our experienced team takes ownership, providing you peace of mind
  • Predictable: Your investment is predictable based on your needs/requirements
  • Guaranteed: We support you per the terms of an agreed-upon SLA
  • Flexible: Our services are comprehensive yet flexible as your business evolves
  • Proven: We apply industry best practices led by IT Auditors and Governance Professionals 


Frequently Asked Questions

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is the replication, hosting and management of physical or virtual servers by a third party to provide failover in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe.

Most organizations believe backing up their data is sufficient. In reality, backups fail a significant amount of the time. Backup alone does not guarantee that you can recover from a disaster. DRaaS provides an end-to-end solution that ensures your data is secure and recoverable.