Scarlett’s Disaster Recovery Assessment provides the foundation for a disaster recovery plan and the remediation of any gaps that are currently putting the organization at risk. 

The Scarlett Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity (DRBC) Assessment delivers the strategies and procedures that will help return your IT operations to an acceptable level of performance as quickly as possible following a disruptive event. Our strategies maximize the speed at which IT assets can be returned to normal or near-normal performance so that your organization can quickly get back to business as usual – or an acceptable interim state of operations.

Areas of Focus:

  • Analyze your organization’s disaster recovery environment and your existing disaster recovery plan from the top down
  • Review every technology initiative under way in the organization and ensure that the plan is revised to accommodate the future direction of technology at your institution
  • Perform a gap analysis between the disaster recovery plan currently in place and industry best practices
  • Provide recommendations for filling the gaps along with an investment roadmap that will allow your institution to immediately focus on its most current business continuity needs and plan for gradual improvements to the disaster recovery plan over time

Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading IT assessment firm, we have found that 90% of the businesses we assess do not have a recoverable plan.

A DRBC plan is a living document. It should evolve as your organization changes. If you are not updating you DRBC plan on a regular basis, you need a DRBC Assessment now.

We have found most organizations believe it's their IT department. However, as a stakeholder, it's your responsibility to protect your organization. When was the last time you tested your DRBC plan?